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Odyssey Agriculture Training” (or Odyssey Agrotraining) is an international innovative research platform based on traditional agriculture and cultivating methods combined with cutting edge technologies.

The Odyssey Agrotraining International Program is addressed to individuals, researchers, scientists, activists, environmentalists, academic and industrial focused Institutions and Organisations. We offer specialised guidance on traditional and modern agriculture using cultivation methods tested through the ages. We combine the aforementioned methods and techniques with innovative and experimental technology.

The International Program seeks to offer its own “Odyssey Exploration“, taking place at Kefalonia, considered to be the capital of Homer’s Ithaca after the archaeological excavation that brought to light the tomb of King Odysseus.

The name Odyssey comes from the related family farm (owned by Dionysios Giannakis and his son Kyriakos Giannakis).

It is based on the Greek Island of Kefalonia, in the middle of the Mediterranean. 

Our main facilities are located in the village of Agia Eirini – Pronnoi Valley, where they can be accessed with ease by either Plane, Bus or Ship.

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