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You can proceed to Kefalonia and the village where the Odyssey Agrotraining headquarters are located as follows:

Access to Kefalonia:

  • By airplane (Kefalonia  International airport) in day basis morning and evening flights from Athens International Airport.
  • By airplane (Kefalonia  International airport), direct air connections  from April to October  are connecting the island with all the European capitals.
  • By bus directly from the Athens central bus station (ticket including bus and ferry boat trip).
  • By ferry boat from the Kyllini port to Poros port (distance from the destination five kilometers).
  • By ferry boat from Patra to Sami port.
  • By ferry boat from all the Ionian Islands.
  • Direct sea lines Italy (Bridisi, Angona, Venice, Bari) to Kefalonia – Sami port.
  • Sea lines Italy (Bridisi, Angona, Venice, Bari) to Patra port, next to the Kefalonia Bus Service offices in Patra.

Local Transport:

Bus (morning , noon , afternoon, evening, night)  domestic lines are connecting the area with the capital of the island Argostoli and also in conjunction with the lines Kefalonia – Patra – Athens.

Below you can find an interactive map for your convenience:

Kefalonia is accessible from May to October directly from the most European countries. 

We can arrange for your tickets and traveling connections – transportation upon your request.

If you wish to learn more about how you can access our facilities and book your trip, please give us a call or shoot us an email.