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Our headquarters are located in the Agia Irini village in the Pronnoi Valley, Kefalonia island, Ionian Sea, Western Greece.

Location, Features, Microclimate:

The Pronnoi Valley is considered by scientists (and also described by Homer and Napier) as one of the most fertile places, with rich and healthy soil, in Western Greece, hosting extraordinary vegetation and wildlife that remains unchanged through the ages. The most notable local varieties are cedars, walnut, oak, palm, maple, olive groves, vineyards, orange, lemon trees and an endless list of fruit trees. As such, the area can offer many choices for agriculture and cultivation activities, with the main activities being Olive Oil extraction and Wine Production. These aforementioned activities are designed to perfectly cooperate with local plant varieties.

Due to the rich water reserves of the area, the local nurseries experience quick growth and their harvest is of the highest possible quality.

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