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Training Methods: Theory and Practice!

All of the offered services will be presented to the trainees by the following sequence (and can be modified according to the academic requirements):

  1. Introduction (teaching in English), video and photo projection in the amphitheater.
  2. Demonstration of all methods and practices (including the safe use of equipment, tools and machinery).
  3. Practice and activities in the open field.
  4. Final debriefing into the amphitheater with projection of photos and videos. Active participation of the students.
  5. Εditions and availability of printed  educational material in English Language is offered  according the needs of each specific academic course/or/ program under agreement.
  6. Basic printed general information  about the program is available free.
  7. Universities and professors are welcome and fully supported to propose and run courses, to organize Summer schools, training trips, work camps, research visits etc.

Experimentation is also encouraged. Innovative ideas and practices are welcome and fully supported.